Announcing our Favourite Hub Launches of 2017

December 20, 2017 Alana Merdzan

This year, we want to shine a light on 17 awesome Hub launches that happened in 2017. Our Success Coaches have hand picked their favourite Hubs, and provided a quote on the reasoning behind their selection. I hope everyone is inspired to make a New Years resolution to create even better Content Experiences in 2018!


"The Alight team is consistently pushing the boundaries with their content experience. Not only do they have a beautifully designed Hub, they also have sophisticated lead tracking in Eloqua to ensure that they are providing the most relevant content to their prospects and customers."          - Dylan Foster, Customer Success Coach 

The Alight Hub 


Blackbaud Healthcare

"Blackbaud Healthcare has created a Hub experience that offers a unique view into their healthcare innovations. By leveraging a series of animated graphics and text, the Blackbaud experience builds as you consume their content. This interactive introduction to Blackbaud Healthcare ends with a call to action - to register for a webinar and engage with their Hub content. This Hub combines the feel of a landing page with the flexibility and functionality of a hub - all in one captivating design." - Tony D'Auria, Enterprise Customer Success Coach 

The Blackbaud Hub 



"The Fortinet team hit the ground running with the creation of their hub and has continued to strive for excellence ever since. This has included being some of the first to try new features like image CTAs and Uberflip AI, customizing the experience of each targeted stream, and refining their lead generation processes. Fortinet continues to impress the Uberflip team and their hub visitors!" - Jackie Ewald, Customer Success Coach 

The Fortinet Hub 



"Our friends from Montreal are a true success story. After attending The Content Experience 2017, Véronique & Monika got straight to work on building out an incredible Hub - combining their own vision with tips and tricks picked up from the conference. Sitting seamlessly in their website, their Hub does a fantastic job of slicing and dicing their content so every user can find what matters to them. We are so excited to see what the team produces in 2018 with their French & Spanish hubs!" - Nathan Dunleavy, Customer Success Coach 

The Genetec Hub 



"In designing their hub, the Leidos team took a classic example of Uberflip design and amplified it with unique touches. With an engaging header and striking colors, the Leidos team has created a fantastic hub that aligns with their brand. Their focus on the customer experience of each visitor  through tailored streams and Uberflip AI create an engaging experience that sets this team apart in the area of content innovation." - Tony D'Auria, Enterprise Customer Success Coach 



“I love working with the team at Lytx because they’re always pushing to get the most out of their content. Their hub is dynamic and changing consistently to capture and position the user experience as the number one priority. They’re always thinking about improving that experience as a result.” - Ian Russell, Customer Success Coach 

The Lytx Hub 



"To highlight how Microsoft can transform the marketing industry, the Microsoft in Marketing team chose the one platform that is pioneering content experience globally to highlight their innovations - Uberflip! We love what Microsoft has done with this resource center - it aligns with their global brand standards, uses striking imagery and colors to create a cohesive look and feel, and organizes their content by category, focus and type to ensure visitors find exactly what they need at the push of a button." - Tony D'Auria, Enterprise Customer Success Coach 

The Microsoft Hub 



"NanoLumens serves some very specific markets and they make it easy for professionals in those markets to find exactly what they are looking for. Work in the transportation market? NanoLumens has you covered with relevant case studies on subway stations or airports employing their solutions. Oh, and did I mention that their CTAs are extremely creative! Check them out yourself!" - Dylan Foster, Customer Success Coach 

The NanoLumens Hub



"This team of 2 came on board with Uberflip with so much excitement and enthusiasm that their Hub was destined to be incredible. With a commitment to providing their audience with a great experience, Zach & Zac have explored every single feature and leveraged it to its full potential - CTAs, Marketing Streams, asset-type labels - you name it, they’re using it!" - Nathan Dunleavy, Customer Success Coach 

The Neverfail Hub 



"Pivot3's resource Hub, HCI Zone, stands out among the rest when it comes to content segmentation and leading visitors through a journey. Starting with "What is HCI" all the way to "Why Pivot3" -- solidifying the value-add they can provide." - Dylan Foster, Customer Success Coach

The Pivot3 Hub 



"In a short period of time, Providence launched 3 hubs with completely different use cases, but equally fantastic content experiences. Providence epitomizes innovation in the designs they create for their hubs, as well as their passion for being at the lead of adopting new Uberflip features and capabilities. We look forward to seeing the impact Providence's content continues to make in the health space." - Jackie Ewald, Customer Success Coach 

The Providence Hub 



"Quorum is a great example of the Uberflip OnBrand team making a company’s vision come to life. Katerina and her team launched their Hub in tandem with their brand new website. By combining the efforts of the Uberflip OnBrand team, their third-party agency, and their own team, Quorum have created a Hub experience that, visually, is like no other before it!" - Nathan Dunleavy, Customer Success Coach 

The Quorum Hub


Snowflake Computing

"Snowflake has mastered Uberflip for ABM. They have taken the ABM model to the next level, by creating scalable & customizable headers that takes the team less than five minutes to create."   - Marta Montero, Customer Success Coach 

The Snowflake Hub 



"Stantec’s hub is a great example of innovation. The Stantec team organized their content in a way they makes their expansive portfolio easy to navigate, and highlights their thought leadership in the  industry. The design of their hub shows off some of the fantastic capabilities of the Uberflip platform, and what is possible teams work together on a common vision." - Tony D'Auria, Enterprise Customer Success Coach 

The Stantec Hub



"Trendkite does a great job at unifying the design of their Hub by placing repeating form & link CTAs with the same background image. The blue CTAs are a nice visual contrast from the rest of their tile thumbnails. And let’s not forget - they do a great job at segmenting their content into the topics their visitors align to!" - Marta Montero, Customer Success Coach 

The Trendkite Hub 



"The Trimble MEP marketing team has leveraged Uberflip to establish themselves as thought leaders in the construction industry, both in the North American and UK regions. Trimble made the decision to prioritize content that adds value to its hub visitors over self-promotion, and this has resulted in a unique experience for their MEP audience. Their content is packed with relevant information and delivered in a clean, effective way. The team at Uberflip looks forward to seeing what Trimble does next!" - Jackie Ewald, Customer Success Coach

The Trimble Hub 

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