• Digital Media Solutions | Insights

    Digital Media Solutions | Insights

    Check out Digital Media's awesome CTA images that stand out for better conversions!

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  • FranklinCovey | Resources

    FranklinCovey | Resources

    Great clean Hub, with a well segmented menu structure, and CTA's

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  • Orion Health | Knowledge Hub

    Orion Health | Knowledge Hub

    Great example of a knowledge base with an effective menu structure.

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  • Tapjoy | Resources

    Tapjoy | Resources

    Great example of creative and visually appealing CTA's

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  • Stantec | Resources

    Stantec | Resources

    This entire Hub has been completely customized, and looks fantastic! The grid layout is different and stands out against other Hubs!

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  • TMLT | Resources

    TMLT | Resources

    Favourite Hub Feature: They built a “Trending” section into the menu where they can easily update streams for what’s new in the medical world (without depending on their IT team).

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  • ACSA | Resources

    ACSA | Resources

    A great example of a clean and consistent Hub.

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  • Alliance for Audited Media | Resources

    Alliance for Audited Media | Resources

    A great example of a customer using Uberflip for a Knowledge Base.

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  • QT | Resources

    QT | Resources

    Great example of using Uberflip for upcoming Events.

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  • Liquid Web | Resources

    Liquid Web | Resources

    Liquid Web is a great example of a lead generation Hub that is focused on the end user!

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  • Sage Intacct | Resources

    Sage Intacct | Resources

    Great example of image CTA's!

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  • Evolent Health | Resources

    Evolent Health | Resources

    A great example of how our onBrand service allows you to achieve a seamless experience from your website to your Hub.

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  • Chatham Financial | Resources

    Chatham Financial | Resources

    Favourite Hub Feature: Custom tile images by resource type

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  • SPH Analytics | Resources

    SPH Analytics | Resources

    Great example of Stream level banners, and a well segmented menu structure.

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  • Process Unity | Resources

    Process Unity | Resources

    Favourite Hub Feature: Full-cover flipbook tiles. A one person team, launched this Hub in 6 weeks!

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  • WIRB Copernicus Group | Resources

    WIRB Copernicus Group | Resources

    A great example of a clinical research company that is using content effectively.

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  • Cynergistek | Resources

    Cynergistek | Resources

    Classic resource centre, great use of our Hub “out of the box” with header and footer help from onBrand.

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  • Whitesource | Resources

    Whitesource | Resources

    Great example of onboard and very simple Hub menu structure.

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  • Foundant | Resources

    Foundant | Resources

    Check out their awesome menu structure

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  • Claranet UK | Resources

    Claranet UK | Resources

    Great branding, including a video banner, custom tile buttons & images. This is a perfect example of leveraging Uberflip’s native capabilities to create a sleek, seamless and effective user experience

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