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Welcome to the Hub of Hubs! Here you will find a bunch of great examples of Uberflip in action!

  • AlightSolutions | Resources

    AlightSolutions | Resources

    Alight uses consistency and simplicity to make their Hub beautiful, effective and scalable. Great onBrand example of a header design that's consistent with the rest of their website.

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  • Stantec | Resources

    Stantec | Resources

    The Stantec Hub is NEXT LEVEL! They have transformed the general template of Uberflip, into a beautiful customized page! You don't want to miss this one.

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  • DocuSign | Resources

    DocuSign | Resources

    1 of 2 hubs created by Docusign, this one is a focus on aggregating content from their disperate networks! Allowing users to consume all the content in 1 easy to use location.

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  • Current powered by GE | Resource

    Current powered by GE | Resource

    Current uses 3rd party integrations such as Demandbase or Reachforce to make their CTAs and lead gen capabilities even more powerful.

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  • Blackbaud | Resources

    Blackbaud | Resources

    Great example of a Healthcare resource center!

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  • Digital Media Solutions | Insights

    Digital Media Solutions | Insights

    Check out Digital Media's awesome CTA images that stand out for better conversions!

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  • Providence | Healthcare

    Providence | Healthcare

    The Providence Healthcare Hub showcases the great work that our OnBrand team does!

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  • Trimble MEP US | Resources

    Trimble MEP US | Resources

    Trimble is a great example of onBrand customization!

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  • Allocadia | Resources

    Allocadia | Resources

    Allocadia used their website redesign as an opportunity to overhaul their resource center. The result: this awesome Hub!

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  • Blackbaud K–12 | Resources

    Blackbaud K–12 | Resources

    Leveraging content in every aspect of the funnel, Blackbaud K-12 does an amazing job listing out content by buyer persona!

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  • Aon | Health Resources

    Aon | Health Resources

    Aon Health Care Resources Hub is a great example of the customization that can be done with our OnBrand service

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  • Easy Projects | Resources

    Easy Projects | Resources

    Easy Projects launched their Hub in a month! They have a great menu structure, and good looking custom CTA's!

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  • NanoLumens | Resources

    NanoLumens | Resources

    NanoLumens has created some REALLY cool CTA's and is a great example of a well segmented menu structure!

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